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The Booking agent for The Landsharks is.....

Gary Roland has been a Talent agent for over 15 years.  He has booked bands for Disney, Universal Studios, The Super Bowl, The NFL, NBC Television, Microsoft, Apple, Ford, Toyota, and too many other great companies and venues to mention! Gary is also the owner, original founding member, and lead singer/lead guitarist, for "Gary Roland and The Landsharks Band." Gary has played with, backed up, and opened up for Jimmy Buffett, in concert, at Margaritaville, and also, opened up for the Beach Boys, in concert, played The Super Bowl, and travelled the world, performing and coordinating events, shows, concerts, and more!

How many band members do you need to book for your event?
You can book 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,13,14,15,16, or 17 musicians/Singers/Dancers.

The 4 piece Landsharks Band can play any event.
This 4 piece configuration includes a Lead Guitarist, a Bass Guitarist, a Keyboardist, and a Drummer.  Vocals are also included.
This 4 piece band has played at least 50% of all of the Landsharks' shows, and is a FULL BAND and plays all events, including big concerts. No additional musicians are needed for a great show! But adding additional musicians is usually encouraged!

The core FOUR-PIECE Landsharks Band includes....
Lead Guitarist
Bass Guitarist

But you can add more musicians.
Steel Drummer
Trumpet Player
Trombone Player
Harmonica Player
Pedal Steel Guitarist
Conga Player/Percussionist
Violinist/Fiddle Player
Accordion Player
Rythum Guitarist
2nd Keyboardist/Synthesizer Player
Vocal Specialist (Beach Boys)
Ukelele Player

The Landsharks would provide you with a contract!

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Landsharks Booking Agent: Gary Roland

 Insured, Licensed, and Bonded Talent Agent!   FL License # 0000697

      To Book The Landsharks Band directly, Contact:
Gary Roland
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Gary Roland and Landsharks, with special guest, Jimmy Buffett, at Margaritaville. 

BELOW: Gary Roland (Right) with Mike Love, lead singer for The Beach Boys, Backstage at the Beach Boys/ Landsharks concert in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina celebrating the 100 year First Flight Centennial.

BELOW: Gary Roland (Right) and Bruce Sringsteen's lead-guitarist, Sopranos Star, and Radio Host of the "Underground Garage" radio program, Steve Van Zandt, at The Super Bowl Pre-Game Party, AT THE SUPER BOWL.
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General Information:
The Landsharks have opened up for many major artists, and have backed up, and opened up for Jimmy Buffett, in concert, and at Margaritaville, on several occasions.  The Landsharks have also opened up for The Beach Boys, in concert. The Landsharks have played at several SUPER BOWL EVENTS including playing at the NBC Television Super Bowl Pre-Game Party AT THE SUPER BOWL, and also at the after-game victory party for The New England Patriots. The Landsharks have played over 100 shows at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.   They have also performed for our troops overseas several times, all over the world! 

Landsharks are fun and interactive! ...and great musicians!

To Book The Landsharks:

For pricing, Please fill out the following form:  CLICK HERE!
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or Call TOLL FREE 1-866-426-6536

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